Citations form the works of Zamenhof

For a language to be international, it is not enough to name it so.

I do not wish to be the creator of the language, i just want to be the initiator.

We are often instigated to think too much due to the insufficient nature of the language.

International language, similarly to every national, is a social property and the author therefore gives up all personal rights related to it.

Patriotism I view the service for the good of all those who share my home, of whichever origin, lanuage, religion or social status they may possess. Acts especially for the interests of one person or the hate towards others shall never be named patriotism.

Remember, that the sole remedy for attaining peace, is: Remove once and for all the main cause of wars, the barbaric remains of the most antique before-civilization times, the rule of one race over others.

Because right at the beginning of my tale I must report, that I am a Hebrew and all my ideals, their birth and maturing and obstinacy, the whole history of my constant fights internal and external - all are without exception linked with my Hebrew origins.

But just like I, at the moment of speaking, am not of any nationality, but simply a human, I feel like the same way about me not belonging to any nation or partial religion, but I am but a man.

In the case, that you simply must speak about my person, You can name me "the son of Poland" (because none can defy that the earth in which lie both my parents, and upon which I constantly work as well as intend on doing so till my last breath, is my home, although I am not a nationalist), but do not name me a "Pole", so that one does not say, that I - for accepting honors - put on a mask of people, to which I did not belong.

And now, for the first time the dream of centuries starts to turn into reality. To a small town of the french coast, many people from diverse countries and nationalities have come, and they meet each other not mute and deaf but one understands the other, they speak to each other like brothers, like members of one nation. Often people of different nationalities meet and understand one another; but what a huge difference it is between their mutual understanding and our! (...) Strong and weak nations do not exist in our meetings, privileged and unprivileged, none are humiliated, none are agitated; we all feel like members of one nation, like members of one family, and for the first time in the history of mankind, us memebers of various nations stand one next to another not as foreigners, not as competitors, but as brothers, who without forcing our languages onto others, understand each other mutually, without suspecting one or the other for the darkness which separates them, love one another and shake hands not hypocritically, like one of a nation would to another of a different one, but sincerely like a human with a human. We very well realize the whole importance of today's day, because today, between these welcoming walls of Bullion-by-the-sea, it is not the French and the English, not the Russian and the Polish that have met but people with people. Blessed be the day, and great as well as glorious may be its continuation.